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    Anybody Building Wheels with DT Swiss XM401 or XR331 Rims?

    Looks like the DT Swiss XM401 and XR331 are latest DT Swiss rims. I think the XR400 has been out for a while. The XM401 and XR331 do not have eyelets and make use of PHR Washers (Pro Head Reinforcement System) and "Squorx" pro head nipples (Squire-Torx). DT Swiss web site says the rims come with the Squorx Nipples and PHR Washers.

    Questions: Who sells these rims in the USA? Has anyone built up a set of wheels using these rims, Squorx nipples and PHR washers? What tool is needed for the Squorx nipples?


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    Hi Falldog

    I tried to do the same. A lot frustration . It looks like these rims exists only in Europe and on DT Swiss website . Same applies to hubs. I saw 240's straight-pull with 6 bolts on DT Swiss website but I doubt that even exist in retail (I saw 240 only with center lock). I think retailers try to push out old inventory so do not expect the newest from DT Swiss to get any time soon. I have good DT Swiss 350 with straight pull
    with 36T ratchet system and DT competition spokes(original wheel-set on my bike) and tried replaced only rims with XR331 , maybe XM401.I just got tired of searching and decided to buy a new wheel-set or maybe some Chinese rims.

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    One of my distributors has had the 401's listed on their site for a while, but don't have them in stock yet. Not sure when they will. Two other distributors don't have them listed yet.

    You can build with the squorx nipples using a regular spoke wrench. Good pic here: DT Swiss - SPLINE ONE Technology They also make t-handle wrenches to adjust the nipples through the rim: DT Swiss - Proline Tools

    The new rims look really good, and I think will make a great alternative to Stan's. Now if they'd just get them here....

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    Sapim sells square-drive (or we can call them "squive") nipples and nipple washers that work the same as Squorx nipples and you can use them in any rim.

    The new rim from DT does look interesting. It's not available yet, but it is very similar to Stan's, American Classic and WTB rims.

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    Reviving this thread . . .

    These rims are in stock at various dealers now, so using them is a viable option. Anyone built any wheels with these yet? I'm especially curious about tire installation experiences.

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