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    Any tires like a Smoke or Velociraptor Rear in a larger size than 2.1"?

    With all the hundreds of tire choices out there now days, I feel fortunate that I know what I like to ride on: WTB Velociraptor Front and Panaracer Dart up front and WTB Desert Raptor or Velociraptor Rear or Panaracer Smoke in the rear. These tires have always done me well over the years .

    However, the max size they are made in is 2.1" and I want to run 2.35's or maybe slightly bigger if I can, front and rear. I really liked the size of my old Ritchey Z-Max 2.35's on my old Scott aluminum frame but the treads weren't as good as my favorite tires. I've been running a skinny frame and skinny fork for a while since the other bike was stolen, so 2.1" was all I could fit, but now I have a new frame and fork (Klein Attitude with a Manitou Skareb) that will fit larger tires, so I want to go bigger than 2.1". Since I ride a rigid frame, having a 2.35 in the rear will be nice for some suspension (I really liked that about the Z-Max's) and of course the extra width is welcome for traction both front and rear .

    So, who makes tires similar to a Velociraptor Front/Rear or Dart/Smoke in 2.35-ish size?? I prefer a light kevlar bead too, if possible, even though they are harder to get on the wheel than the wire beads.

    I ride in southern California if that helps any.


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    * Kenda Blue Groove 2.10/2.35/2.50
    * IRC TrailBear 2.25/2.50

    * Kenda Nevegal 2.10/2.35/2.50
    * Hutchinson Spider 2.3 (good on the front, too)

    BTW folding or wire beads have little to do with how easy the tire is to mount. Some rim/tire combos are easy, some are not.
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    Does not look like my Smoke/Darts, but the tread Michelin uses on Hot S, some DH models and some of the new dual compound models cuts into loamy and compacted soil like my Smokes, but is actually better leaned over. By that I mean not as square and does not all of a sudden wash out as fast. They look even less like a Dart.

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    Thanks for the replies so far!

    I went to some of the manufacturer websites. That IRC Trailbear looks good, resembles a Dart/Velociraptor a bit and not too heavy. Wonder if I can fit the 2.50 in my Manitou fork??

    The IRC El Gato looks good too, but man that's a heavy tire- 880g, that's ~300g more than a Smoke and not much bigger (2.25")!

    I checked out the Kendas, didn't find much I liked, haven't checked out the Michelins yet...

    Any more suggestions?

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    The Continental Vertical Pro is an awesome tire. At 2.3 it's pretty burly but not too heavy and really durable.

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