Originally posted up a question in the 29er forum but I feel this may be of better use here. A while ago a local was telling me he had read up on someone using Bontrager strips in the DH19 wheels for a tubeless conversion. I searched but came up with nothing.

After finding no concrete information on utilizing the Bontrager strip in the DH19 rim I decided to take the plunge. Figured worst case scenario I could always use the strips on another set of wheels down the road.

So what I have are the stock Alex DH19 rims from the Monocog, Specialized Purgatory Controls (2.4), a bottle of Stans, Bontrager Rhythm symmetrical strips, Bontrager valves, and some latex mold builder from a local hobby place (optional).

The strips are a very tight fit in the rim...and by very tight I mean a bit of a pain in the ass to seat it in the rim. The one side sits in there just fine but to get the other side to seat I pulled the strip towards the seated side while pushing the other side in with my fingers. Took a while and my fingers are sore, but it is in there now. I do not think putting a tube w/tire on there and inflating would seat it.

I used some latex mold builder at the base of the valve right by the o-ring. Why? I used these same strips/valves to go tubeless on the Rhythm comp wheelset on my other bike and had valve leak issues. A little dab of latex will squeeze out when the valve is tightened and create an airtight seal. This method fixed the issues on my other wheelset so I decided to be proactive and do the same on this conversion.

After that it was pretty much just your standard install. Wipe the bead down with a bit of soapy water, seat all but a small portion, pour in your sealant of choice (I didn't have the syringe to go through the valve), seat the rest of the bead, do the Stans shimmy shake rotate, then inflate. I was able to get it to seat with a hand pump. Bead popped in right at the 30psi mark.

Preliminary findings are promising. I mounted up both tires yesterday afternoon. Gave them a pinch test this morning and the pressure did not appear to drop at all. I'll put them to work this Sunday and report back with any issues.