• 01-13-2013
    Brendan J
    29er Wheel opinions 12x142.
    I just bought a 29er frame with a 12x142 rear and a fork that takes a 20mm through axle. All the new wheel options have my head spinning. I'm not looking for super lite race wheels or burly all mountain wheels but something for all around trail use in the range of $500.00. Any opinions on a good set of wheels that will work with the 20mm / 12x142 setup?
  • 01-13-2013
    To start, I envy you for that 20mm front. Just got new Turner 5 Spot with FOX CTD 15mm fork. 20mm is sweet! It may narrow choices, but those 20mm forks are solid.
  • 01-13-2013
    I'm running Arch EX with Hadley's. Lighter than Flows, and the hubs are compatible with 20mm, 15mm, or 9mm QR. About $40 for a conversion kit to the different sizes, but you can buy them right out to fit your 20mm/142x12mm setup. Hopes are another good option, albeit with less POE. Those can be had right around $500.
  • 01-13-2013
    Bike Whisperer
    You can find Sun Ringle Black Flag Pro for $550 + adapters ($20)

    Sun Ringle 29" XC Black Flag Pro Wheelset 9/15/20 Black from ModernBike.com
    SunRingle SRD/Pro Axle End Cap Conversion Kit, T-A from ModernBike.com

    A bit above your budget, but a solid wheelset that will work with tubeless ready tires as well as running tubes if you prefer. Comes taped with valve stems and sealant.
  • 01-14-2013
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    Another vote for SUN Ringlé wheels, either Black Flag or if you want them with rims a bit wider, Charger Pros. I got a set of Charger Pros in March last year and have been very happy. The hubs are convertible to any axle with the correct end caps. I've got a 135 X 12mm. bolt on to a standard 10mm. dropout. All end caps are supplied for the front (QR, QR15 and 20mm.). The rear comes with QR so as mentioned you'd have to get the 142 X 12mm. end caps.

    SUN Ringlé actually supplies the rims for Stan's NoTubes.