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    Cool-blue Rhythm Road tripping across Canada solo and looking for adventure buddies

    I'll be driving across Canada (from Ontario) in August and I'm not sure if this is kosher, but I'm looking for people to ride with and get in as much riding as possible.

    I have friends in Calgary and Vancouver that I plan to visit so I'm looking to ride all around and in between those two cities. The friends I'm visiting don't ride so I'll mostly be solo which is why I'm looking for at least one partner in crime. I fell in love with riding anything on two wheels four years ago and have been biking DH but mostly cross country ever since. I'm not a beginner but I'm also not an expert by any means. I've been known to keep up with the boys if that gives any indication of my pace and I'm always up for a challenge! I'm 27, I like to think I have good stamina and I'm always seeking adventure. Even if you can suggest places to ride in BC, it would be greatly appreciated. As for the types of trails, I like a little bit of everything but XC with a reasonable amount of descents and ascends is probably more my jam since Ontario hasn't really prepared me for what BC has to offer in DH. I'm open to driving out of the way if there is some promising terrain and scenery. Let's see how this goes....

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    Sounds kosher to me. I hook up with MTBR peeps when I travel.

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    Hi, I think there are so many great places to ride in BC it's overwhelming. I'll make a couple of suggestions based on my travels.

    1. Fernie. Great trails you can ride from town and a great riding community. Lots of local women who ride. Amazing fun.

    2. Penticton. I still dream about the huge whoops.

    3. Squamish. Everyone raves about it.

    If you make it to Vancouver Island I recommend coming to Cumberland in the Comox Valley 1 hour North of Nanaimo.

    1.We have some of the best riding anywhere.

    2. Ride right from town.

    3. We are a mini mountainbike Mecca.

    4. My friends and have shown tourists around before and no on has been killed or permanently disfigured.

    Pick where you want to stop and search for local clubs. You can probably find group rides to join in most places if you don't find mtbr people to ride with.
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    Road tripping across Canada solo and looking for adventure buddies

    I agree those are great places to ride in BC, but are a bit out of the way if you're driving the standard route. You could check out the Moonraker trail system in Golden and the MacPherson system in Revelstoke. Kamloops had good riding but mostly not listed anywhere since many cross private land. As for around calgary, west Bragg creek and Canmore Nordic centre are tough to beat. If you don't have any luck finding someone to ride with you could join the calgary outdoor club as they have rides several times a week and it's free to join.

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    Feel free to message me when you get closer to your trip. There's an amazing amount of fantastic XC riding in the mountains just west of Calgary. I get out there almost daily. There's also some great riding around Canmore. I'd be happy to play guide for a 'spin' or two.
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