I am a German guy (therefore sorry for my English). My girlfriend and I will make vacation this year in Canada. We are already really excited and I am happy to be there in some weeks. As a mountain biker (I do downhill, free riding etc. already a long time and also do some races) it is a must to have a ride in Whistler. Unfortunately I have only one day but better than nothing. It will Sunday, the 18th of September 2011. Therefore I have some questions and maybe some of you could help me because I could not find out on the internet pages of Whistler and the bike park.

Are there lines which I definitely should take? There is a proposal on the Whistler bike park page but I am not sure whether thatís the best choice.

Are there many people on a weekend in September? Do they have enough bikes for rent at the respective day or is it better to book online upfront? As you could image I will not take my bike with me from Germany.

Is there someone who would like to ride with me? To ride with some locals definitely makes more fun than alone.

I really would appreciate your advice and I hope you could help me with my perfect day in Whistler.

Bye Roberto.