• 01-28-2013
    Weight Saving 2x10 to 1x10 conversion - Scott Spark 10 Large
    Before: 22.36 pounds without pedals (10142g) - Great deal on ebay!!!

    After: 20.00 pounds sharp without pedals (9071g)

    White tires?! I know, I'm not really a fan either but at the same time I thing the only bike suitable with white is the spark...rc world cup...right? top of the line model...and found these for $80/pair brand new on ebay...I like the result. 435g/445g each one on my scale (Original tires were 606g each).

    Gripshift on the right (1x10) and Twinlock on the left. Much less busy cockpit and hassle free operation
    Gripshit XX White? yes....plastidip job.

    pulley set upgrade-14.5g/pair (original were old 22.5g) and carbon inner cage also upgrade. Original was 10.15g. New 7g

    MRP 36T 89.5g on my scale (spider with 26T/39T was 193g)

    So FYI: from were the saving is coming from:
    From Hutchinson/pair 26x2.15 (606g each) plus tubes (172g each) to Rocket Ron 26x2.10 plus tubeless valve 7g/pair - Total saving: 667.12g

    From 2x10 to 1x10 conversion:
    XX trigger left came out 96g without cable
    XX trigger right came out 92g without cable
    matchmackers out:23.60g
    XX Gripshit came in: 89.5g without cable
    XX front derailleur high mount clamp came out: 118.7
    cable plus housing (for rear shift) out: 31.1g
    From Spider 26/39 to MRP 36T: 103.5 less
    TOTAL weight saving from drive train conversion:
    Total before: 554g
    Total after: 179
    TOTAL: 375g

    just in case you want to upgrade your rear derailleur:
    From original inner cage plus orig pulley set to all new: 11.1g less

    Chain guide still to come: I will make one myself and will be under 30g all carbon,

    I hope you've enjoyed
  • 02-01-2013
    Has your chain come off without the chain guide? I have a similar setup with XO cranks with an MRP bling ring (28t). However I'm running a MRP Micro guide and wondering if it's necessary. I also have a Sram Type 2 RD.
  • 02-01-2013
    Can you post an "on scale" pic with pedals? I'm always keen to see ready-to-ride weights with digital proof, esp. in this subforum. :)

    Oh, BTW, great pics and I love the breakdown on the 1X weight savings. I realize it takes time to do that for us, so thx.
  • 02-01-2013
    Did even went for a ride without a chainguide, can't tell. Here is my latest upgrade:

    Home made chainguide is ready: stainless bolt is heavy: Aluminum might shave about 8g....will?

    sorry for this pic. Ill get some better ones on day light
  • 02-02-2013
    Nice idea!
  • 02-02-2013
    Why post weights without pedals...I just don't get it.
  • 02-02-2013
    20.00 sharp is a pretty number....20.83 not that great! Besides...goal of this thead is the show the weight saving prom 2x10 to 1x10.
  • 02-02-2013
    Pretty or not, its what your bike weighs. I always consider my bike weight with pedals, cage, garmin mount etc.
  • 03-24-2013
    Now is getting interesting.
    -Lefty XLR 90mm converted to 120mm 26'.
    -ZTR crest wheelset 26' with FF.
    - Scrub's rotors.