• 12-03-2012
    Weight diff between QR and QR15 on Magura forks?
    I'm looking to purchase some 26" 100mm Magura TS8r suspensions forks for a new build and just need to decide between QR and QR15 (maxle lite).

    According to the Magura website the weight difference between the QR and QR15 forks is 220 grams. This seems a bit excessive and was wondering if anyone could suggest a reason for this significant weight increase?

    I presume the weight of the QR15 fork includes the skewer but this still seems like a huge weight increase, particularly as the 120mm only incurs a 80 gram penalty.

    Any advise will be greatly appreciated! Thanks

    QR = 1,380 gr
    QR15 = 1,600 gr
    Diff = 220 gr

    QR = 1,550 gr
    QR15 = 1,630 gr
    Diff = 80 gr
  • 12-03-2012
    I'd bet that likely speaks more to the efforts to produce a tweakier 100mm XC race fork with a 9mm QR dropout than it does about the usual weight difference between 9mm-15mm forks, but it might be worth asking Jude Monica from Magura USA if there's an error in the specs somewhere.
  • 12-04-2012
    I'm about to pick a 29er TS8 R also. I'm set on the 15mmTA, but I'm curious what the answer is to this question.

    Did you consider the SL over the R to reduce weight?

    BTW, these forks look amazing.
  • 12-05-2012
    Thanks for the responses. I've have had a reply from Magura in Germany regarding this query.

    Basically the Maxle casting is heavier because it is a stronger, beefier design which also allows for wider tyres and 650B wheels. In addition to this the internals are a different dimension.

    So looks like I will be going for the QR as the weight penalty isn't worth it for me. It has got me thinking though, when people compare the stiffness of QR15 v QR9 do they take into consideration the differences in forks?


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    Did you consider the SL over the R to reduce weight?

    Unfortuantly where I live we have the occasional road to cycle along so I really need lockout. I'm please with my Durin R forks so I am just getting the same type of forks again.