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Just got a couple of these in from my distributor, and for the price ($70 cdn retail) they're not too damn bad in the weight department. Stock they're 187 grams, but velo always puts these goofy plastic trim covers underneath their various racing type saddle models that really do little good since they don't stick out far enough really to protect the cover edges in a crash, so I always remove them. Thus taking the rear one off and its 5 metal screws saved 8 grams. I left the front one in place (it'd otherwise save maybe another 5 grams) because it makes for a smoother surface should you be in the habit of resting the nose of the saddle on your shoulder when carrying the bike.

The construction is a thermoplastic carbon base, tubular titanium full length rails, synthetic leather cover with anatomic relief cut, and some firm if not too thin padding.