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    Ultralight Camelbak

    Not sure where to post this, but I've been wanting a tiny little camelbak type product.

    * 10-16 oz of water
    * Smaller tube than a camelbak would be good
    * Shirt pocket would be good

    This would be nice for a race where I'm going to make a lap that is around 2 hours. I have a 70oz Camelbak now I used for short rides and races, but it really is too big. I use a water bottle for epic long rides, but I don't like reaching for one during a race.

    Anyone seen anything like that?
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    Take one of these and put it in your jersey pocket upside down so the hose enters at the bottom

    Platypus SoftBottle
    Platypus® Drink Tube Kit
    I'm a member of NSMBA and IMBA Canada

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    All the people that post worthwhile things I can't give Rep to until I spread some around. So, thanks again Rocky. I don't know if I'd use one of those but thanks for showing me it exists.

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    Re: Ultralight Camelbak

    Why not just use a water bottle? And on a 2 hour ride I go through 70oz out of my 100oz bladder. Lol

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    Cause he doesn't want to reach for it.

    and yes, most people drink a bottle every hour.

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    Ultralight Camelbak

    Camelback makes smaller packs for running. They have a 50 oz fanny pack style. They used to have a 32 oz model that you may be able to find.

    I assume yours is still to big when you only put 16 oz of water in it? What camelback do you have now?

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