I've got similar problems with time pedals causing shoe wear like in this thread

Attn: Time and Eggbeater users (non-wt.)

I get the same groove being worn into the bottom of my shoes by my time atac pedals (and it appears many CB pedals do it too)

I am on a brand new pair of sidi dragon's after destroying my previous shoes with the same type of wear shown in the picture in the above thread. The grooves got so deep my foot was pronating by many degrees, almost sliding off the pedal

So to protect my new sidis I want to put a very hard plastic shim of some sort between the shoe and cleat to swap out when it gets worn (and prevent a permenent groove in the bottom of the shoe). So this made me think of canting wedges.

Has anyone used the lemond "LeWedges"? do they make them for mtb shoes, and do they actually have a large enough surface area such that the bars of the time pedal will rest on the wedge, rather than rest on the sole of the shoe?

Are there any other brand wedges or plastic shims (flat or angled) that might solve the problem? If I knew where I could find the right type of hard fibre plastic I'd do it myself..