ive been asking around and it turns out that the Scape isnt anywhere near the 1200g claimed weight (18") its more like 1350-1390g. now im having second thoughts on my purchase, but i cant deny the fact that its a beautiful frame, perfect geometry for me, 31.6 seatpost which i like a lot, and finally id like the give the orbea dealer down the street the business (theyve been really helpfull, are offering the frame for $100 below msrp, and are giving me a free orbea saddle)

i go with the kona king supreme which i posted about a few weeks ago. im a kona dealer so i get the frame for about $700-800 (same as the Orbea).
granted they are too totally different frames and ill be sacrificing over 2lbs for a frame that only offers 2.5" of rear travel. i know i asked this before, but do you think ill even notice the 2.5" of rear wheel travel? if i set it up relatively soft i can benefit from the minimal travel and ill be able to use it a little more aggressively (or i am thinking nonsense?)
ive really gotta get on the this build or ill never have it done before school ends this semester.
id love to hear what your thoughts! shoot me some ideas and let me know what YOU would do?
p.s. the bikes would be built identically:
F80rlt, formula oro puros, Hugi 240/xm819, and the rest is ww goodies.