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    New SpeedCific Ti QR skewers at 76g.

    A few months back, we decided to add an additional Titanium skewer brand to our product selection. I really had not been that interested in filling that product category before, because we were offering the Am Classic Titanium skewers and Airborne was selling cheap Ti skewers on-line. Didn't see much point in duplicating those efforts.

    Then I talked to a customer who had bought the "90g" Airborne skewers. He said his pair came in at 98g. Thinking maybe his scale was off, or he just got a bad pair, I checked the "Weight Weenies" website. They showed a pair of Ti Airborne's at 101g for the MTB size. Now the Am Classic steel skewers that came stock with his wheelset weigh 101g! So here we have people buying Ti to save weight, and ending up with skewers that weigh almost exactly the same as light steel skewers, but are more flexible. Kinda got me thinking.

    So I did some research, and I found most Titanium skewers advertised around 90g or more. Not really much lighter than many good steel skewer sets. For example, the inexpensive steel SpeedCific skewers weigh 107g. Even Am Classic's Ti skewers are 88.5g.

    Titanium skewers are more flexible than steel, and generally more expensive to boot. It didn't make sense to me for customers to keep spend money on Ti skewers as an "upgrade" if they are only going to save 0-12g grams over light steel skewers!

    So the SpeedCific Titanium skewers we selected weigh 36g front and 40g rear for a total of 76g for the pair (MTB length). They have 6/4 Titanium rods, self-lubricating Delrin bushings for easy closing, and knurled aluminum end caps. The aluminum parts are finished in a glossy black anodizing. The lever is made from chro-moly steel protected by a chrome finish. As you can see, the lever is pretty small, so it's covered with a rubber jacket for comfort.

    The small lever is not the most "hand-friendly" design. I kind of like that since it keeps people from putting gonzo pressure on them when closing. Titanium is roughly 2/3rds as strong as steel, so all Titanium skewers are more vulnerable to breakage if overtightened.

    The Taiwanese manufacturer told us these are not a very popular design, even though they are lighter than their other models. Why? Because there is no place for a LOGO on them! They were telling me, "Yes they are lighter, but we can't put your brand on them, so perhaps you'd like something else." I'm thinking "Which would customers rather have for their money? A LOGO or an extra 14g saved?!?"

    MSRP on these is $29.00. Not as cheap as Airborne, but not quite as bad as the FRM skewers ($67 for 73g). They can be ordered by your LBS through <a href="">SpeedCific</a>. We also offer them on our <a href="">website</a>.
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    the Ti skewers ediscount's selling...

    are 92 grams for a pair (mtb size). Meanwhile the generic CrMo rod QR skewers I sell are 93 grams for a pair (mtb size again). In the pic the Ti one is the top set, the CrMo the bottom set. The CrMo skewers i sell have delrin bushings and knurled aluminium end caps, and a positive spring-lock lever which clicks when opened/closed. The Ti ones have the delrin bushings also, but the aluminium end caps have knurled stainless inserts on them for better grip into the dropouts. The cam profile on the Ti skewers is also a bit larger, and the lever slightly longer, but the mechanical advantage is actually a bit lower, so they're not going to close quite as tight as the CrMo ones would for a given hand effort (though the stainless bits will grab better on an dropout).

    Also to your comment on strength, Ti isn't 2/3 as strong. Most Ti skewers use 6/4 rods, which would be stronger than the 4130 CrMo typically used for skewer rods.
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    Hey Bianchi

    The bolt on skewers you sent me with your wheelset weighed 66g - if I can get qr's in the 70's then I would be interested for sure.
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    I think strength and rigidity are being confused a little bit here. Ti is strong, but has a lower modulous of elasticity than steel, by about half. When doing deflection calculations, you use the modulous of elasticity, not tensile strength. Tensile strength tells you at what load the part will yeild or break, not how far it will deflect before hand. For example, aluminum, regardless of alloy, has a modulous of elasticity of around 100ksi, ti around 150ksi, and steels around 290ksi, regardless of alloy or tensile strength, at least according to my machinery's handbook. I should also mention Magnesium has a modulous around 65ksi..

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