I have a brand new (OK, it has one ride. Seriously, one ride) Schwalbe Furious Fred in a 2.4. My new race rig won't fit a 2.4 so I need to go to a 2.25 for the rear.
These tires are incredible. I used this exact tire to race Leadville and I was so impressed I wrote a review for Schwalbe's website:

Used this tire for Leadville
Submitted by roxtar on Wed, 08/24/2011 - 06:52.

I decided to use the evo 26 x 2.4 Freds for Leadville this year, here are my post race comments on them.

Going in, I was a little concerned with Leadville's sharp rocks on these thin, lightweight sidewalls, I mean, comon, 450 grams for a true 2.4?!(and it really is a TRUE 2.4) Schwalbes own warnings about high puncture risk had me swaying back and forth on this selection.
Nothing to worry about. They held up amazing. I hit every rocky downhill section as fast as possible (I'm a DH guy and had to make up time lost on the climbs. No time for picking through the rocks, just point it, hammer, and fly) and they held solid as a rock. After the race they still looked good as new. No noticeable wear at all.
Schwalbe's warnings about strength/durability seem to be overstated.

As expected, they were extremely fast. Road DH sections had me passing everyone while coasting; a great way to judge rolling resistance.
What's unexpected is how much grip they had. I tested them in Indiana dirt and they completely excelled. You can roll them on their side in corners with complete confidence. The shoulder lugs grip way better than I'd hoped for. They ARE my XC race tire of choice for anything but complete slimy conditions.
I run them harder than most; around 30-35psi (with Stans) and they work well this way (I'm 175lbs) but I tend to stuff my front end hard into corners, requiring a more solid, harder feeling tire.
As a true 2.4 they are a little too tight in the rear of my GF HiFi frame. I'll be switching to a 2.25 for the rear.

Schwalbe hit an absolute grand slam with these.

Furious Fred HS 395 | Schwalbe North America

Need to trade my Schwalbe Furious Fred 2.4 for a 2.25-furious-fred.jpg