Merek (Tai) Carbon?

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  • 11-14-2012
    Merek (Tai) Carbon?
    Anyone heard much about them?
    I have been looking around for a new handlebar and came across Merek Carbon on ebay.

    175gram carbon bars which can apparently accept bar ends.
    I am not looking at putting bar ends on my bike, but do run locking grips.

    Link: 175g MEREK MTB Bike Carbon Riser Handlebar 31.8 x 645mm | eBay

    I dont know much about this brand, but have seen a few bikes getting around with Merek carbon parts, but nothing on any of the bikes within our local XC scene.

    I have done a bit of research into cheap carabon, and have read some positive reviews on people buying other carbon parts directly from Asia (especially carbon rims). I am I correct in thinking that companies have stepped up their game with delivering cheap carbon parts?

    The price seems really good, but I also dont want a set of bars that are going to snap at the first sign of rough terrain either. I highly value my front teeth :thumbsup:
  • 11-14-2012
    I have purchased cheap AL forks from China via E-Bay and had NO issues. I know you asked about carbon, but they came in and were very nice. I would expect the same w/ carbon. I'm in same boat, thinking i'm gonna do it.
  • 11-15-2012
    Have a set of their CF bars on my old bike - with barends mounted.

    Good stuff!

    BTW, its Tai. merek? (About

    "MEREK is Taiwan brands. Taiwan design and manufacture. MEREK focus on carbon-fiber composite material research, development, and production has been 20 years. Committed to developing lighter, more secure products.Provide first-class OEM products for international brands.(Prologo、Control Tech、Karbona、VMT、Bontrager、San marco、DE ROSA、COLNAGO、Cinelli、Pinarello、Ritchey etc.)

    The main products include carbon wheels, handlebar, stem, seatpost, saddle. MEREK company has lots of manufacturing patents in research and development. Invested a lot of money build quality control laboratory, has a complete test equipment
  • 11-15-2012
    Thanks for the response. I have updated the thread to 'Thai' instead of 'Chinese'.

    I think given the price ($55Aud) it might be worth just buying them to see how they go.

    Main concern is their strength, but I think over time I will worry about them breaking less and less on my rides.
  • 11-15-2012
    robc in wi
    Not to be picky but it's not "Thai" as in Thailand but Taiwon where much of the world's carbon fiber manufacturing takes place. I have a road and mtb frame from mainland China and I am very happy with both (especially for the price) but the manufacturing standards are likely much better in the Taiwonese factories.
  • 11-21-2012
    I've bought a carbon handle bar from a Chinese seller with label "Hylix". It is integrated handle bar with stem.
    I wasn't happy with this purchase, since I broke it when I was trying screw it. A piece of carbon fell off. I made several photos and video of it and sent them to the seller. To my surprise, he sent me one more handle bar. I've been using it for more than one year, it is OK so far.
  • 11-21-2012
    I was using MEREK handlebars year and half for XCM racing and I was very satisfied. They were much more stiffer than my current EASTON EC70, even when they had not oversize clamp diameter. Zero problems. Good stuff.
  • 11-02-2013
    I been raging Fruita's 18 Road, Horsethief/Marys Loop, Moab, Salida, Crested Butte trails on my full Merek carbon cockpit (seatpost, stem and bar) and they are tuff and durable. After some hard crashes the Merek parts are holden up great! Ill continue to buy for my other bikes. They are bomb proof and even from Taiwan they always have fast and good communications when I had questions. Buy them and save a ton!
  • 11-02-2013
    Pics or it didn't happen...
  • 11-06-2013
    these asian components are as good as it gets, the best in the market by far when considering price/weight/performance