I am swapped out my Talas RLC to try a Minute 3.

The Minute weighs in well under the manfucaturer stated weight. What a great surprise. Manitou calls this a 3.8 lb fork, which would be 1725g. Mine came in, cut to 8.5", bossless, at 1670g. Excellent weight for a 130mm travel fork. My Fox, already a lightweight, weighs in at 1800g, also cut and bossless. Looks like Manitou is just rounding stated weights for the Minute, citing 3.4, 3.6, 3.8, and 4.0 lbs for the various configs.

I am also impressed by the adjustments for platform-ness and air linearity of the fork. Travel adjustment is just a two position deal 100/130, and cannot be reached while riding - it is on the bottom of the fork. Geometry changes dramatically between the two, which is more important than changing travel for me.

I have yet to ride it yet except around the neigborhood. If it rides as well as I have read, it will be a great fork for my lightweight, convertible Id, which should be able to tip the scales below 25lb in XC mode.