• 02-09-2013
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    Look for some weight loss on my new Rune
    I am looking to loose 2-3#'s on this build and hoping to spend no more then 6-7 hundrerd plus what ever I get from selling the old parts. I included a picture of the Stem while it was on my old bike as I am not sure which Funn it is but someone might recognize it.
    The Fork is heavy but for now I will be keeping that and the shock will stay as well. The tires are set up tubless and I am already looking at changing the pedals to some Ti Wellgo Mg's which should save me about 250grams.

    Frame Large Banshee Rune V2 with CCDB Air shock and Marzocchi 55 rc3 3 Evo ti fork
    R.Tire Maxxis Minion DHF Super tacky 1.5 ply 26 x 2.35
    Rims Stans Flow
    Front Hope Evo 2 Black
    Rear Hope Evo 2 Black
    Crankset RaceFace Atlas 22/32/Bashguard
    C-guide chain guide
    Chain SRAM PC991 cross step 10 speed
    Freewheel Red SRAM PG-1090 11-34
    Derailleur/F SRAM X9 3x10
    Derailleur/R SRAM X0 2x9
    Shift Lever/L Shimano SLX 3x9
    Shift Lever/R SRAM X5 9spd
    Saddle Chromag Trail Master LTD
    Pedals Red Straitline SC platforms
    Handlebar Black Easton Havoc Carbon
    Stem Is Funn I don't know the exact model but it is pretty beefy and 60mm
    Grips ODI Rogue
    Brake/F Juicy 7 with red Straitline levers
    Brake/R Juicy 7 with red Straitline levers
    Rotor/F 203mm
    Rotor/R 180mm
    Seatpost Gravity Dropper with QR Black Banshee one that came with the frame

    Thank you in advance to any insight or ides you guys and gals can lend me.
  • 02-09-2013
    This is a hard one because you obviously want to keep a pretty sturdy rig with that much travel.

    I'd suggest:
    XO Crank (Possibly 1x)
    Lighter tires (Maybe a hans damf?)
    XO shifters (or shifter)
    Lighter Saddle
  • 02-09-2013
    I am moving to Colorado Springs this summer though so I am not sure if it needs to be as sturdy down there, so once I move I may switch to a Fox 34 160mm fork to save a pound. I have a DH bike as well so I don't really need this to be to sturdy......Really I should have probably built up a spitfire or some other light trail bike but I am stuck with this now:)
  • 02-09-2013
    Straight bars are often significantly lighter, you may consider carbon bars with a longer much lighter stem as you don't have alot of sweep on these. Potential savings ~200g
    Selle SLR, or Williams Aurora SLC saddle at 150-180g

    Weight weenie parts on a good solid bike capable of downhill will actually decrease it's overall resale.
    A heavier bike will never make you a worse rider, unless you give up.
    The more miles you get on this bike the better off you will be for it.
    Should you have an opportunity later to trade for a really nice hardtail XC and it's more your style, then trade away, as is and never look back with regret.
  • 02-11-2013
    Look for some weight loss on my new Rune
    If you are moving to CO and this will be your XC/AM rig I'd look into a pair of Conti X-King tires. 2.4 F/2.2 R, there's a pound. Great tired. Shed the 203 rotor. Try a set of Avid HS1 rotors, 180/160 combo with EBC Gold pads. Super stopping power. The 160 in the rear won't grab as hard but will slow you considerably and shed weight. If you can get rid of the dropper post go to a SDG post/saddle combo.

    For the cockpit id look at a Syntace stem and ESI chunky grips on your bar. That should be at least 3lbs. Quality parts that can take abuse.
  • 02-11-2013
    Man, it would be hard to part with very many of those parts. The Trailmaster LTD is a heavy saddle but good lord it's sexy. I am never riding a mountain bike without a dropper ever again if I plan to go both down and up hill. Wheelset is already smart, but yeah tires can be lighter. Carbon crankset seems like a good place to lose maybe half a pound. Could lose probably 50 - 75g with a light stem (Hope makes a good light one, tho I'd definitely go Chromag with your build). With a Fox 34 you'd be close to your goal, not sure it's possible without swapping that (and still keep the bike awesome)
  • 02-11-2013
    Saddle, tires and 1x setup. That would drop a good bit of weight. Keep your tires if you do any lift service riding.
  • 02-11-2013
    Thanks for the suggestions guys. I have a devinci Wilson as well so this bike will not see lift service, it is perfect as a AM bike for where I live but as I built it up in December I did not know I would be moving in August so I built it for BC riding.

    Here is what I was thinking. Xtr trail brakes, hope stem, once I move lighter tires, and maybe through on a xt rd with shadow plus and make it a 1/10 as right now it is still a 2/9. Once I move I will look at selling the fork for a 34 160mm and maybe even go 27.5 to make it a little easier on the more xc trails in Colorado and for me as I will be going from 15 ftabove sea level to 6000.
  • 02-11-2013
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    Look for some weight loss on my new Rune
    I have a Chromag Ranger 50mm on my Fire Bird. Quite light. Attachment 770949
  • 02-11-2013

    Originally Posted by Hangtime View Post
    I have a Chromag Ranger 50mm on my Fire Bird. Quite light. Attachment 770949

    Hmm that is pretty light and as mentioned above it would go with the seat.
  • 02-11-2013
    Truvativ AKA stem - fairly light, bomber, and cheap.

    Swap to a way lighter non-QR seat clamp, since you've got the dropper.

    Many lighter seats out there, if you can find one that fits your butt.

    Swap to a 1x10 setup - the right front ring size paired with the 11-36 in back can still get you good gear range, and you can get a fair bit lighter setup than you've got now. All you'd really need would be the shifter/chain/rear derailleur, whatever you want to run for a guide/bash setup.

    Lots of options with tubeless ready or UST tires that would help - maybe not end up losing weight, but could get you something faster rolling with minimal or no sacrifice to traction.

    Otherwise, just replace anything that is getting too old/worn/broken with something nicer and lighter as funds allow.