I posted this in the wheel and tire forum, but considering it is weighted related, I though I would repost as you guys have been very helpful inthe past.

I just purchased a Remedy 9.9 (technical trail at 150mm of travel and will be used for single track in CA) and want to shed a little weight given I am moving from a 23pd XC bike to the Remedy which is 26pds.

The tires that come with the bike are the Bontrager Team XR4 26x2.35 at 760g and look massive.

I am thinking about a 2.3 on the front and maybe a 2.2 or even 2.1 on the back that has some role to it.

Please let me know what set up I should run to shave 100 grams off each tire while still being highly durable. I have really liked the Spec Captain Controls which the 2.2 is only 650g.