Hey Guys,

I'm wanting to order a set of ceramic bearings as a present for a mate. He runs Ksyrium ES's on the roadie and Crossmax SL Disc's on the MTB. Does anyone know what they are in proper serial numbers? Not Mavic's part numbers. Are both wheelsets the same? I think I've found the Crossmax SL Disc sizes (correct me if wrong) but need to confirm Ksyrium ES are the same.

Crossmax SL Disc
NDS Front - 6903
DS Front - 6903
NDS Rear - 6903
DS Rear - 608 (2 of them)

Ksyrium ES
NDS Front - ?
DS Front - ?
NDS Rear - ?
DS Rear - 608 (2 of them

Cheers, John.