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    Idea! Adding Lightness

    Hello Weight Weenies

    I have been lurking around here and there every so often. My bike is by no means in the light bike category although I wouldn't mind knocking off a couple pounds but can't afford to at the time.

    I haven't seen too many topics about lightening parts, more of swapping parts for lighter ones.

    I am in the process of changing from 8spd to 9spd (I know....I am a little slow/ just started mountain biking a few years ago)
    Any who.... I removed the largest cassette sprocket and opened up the holes for giggles to see how much weight difference, but there is plenty of room to drill more holes in the 4 largest sprockets.Adding Lightness-101-g.jpgAdding Lightness-99-g.jpg
    Going from .275" to .375" holes is 2 grams but adding a bunch more holes in multiple sprockets could remove some weight without spending any money...

    I may take my brand new SRAM 970 cassette apart and whittle away

    Anyone else machine or drill to remove weight off their bikes?
    Drilling holes in crank arms, brake levers.......
    Thank you,
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    Oddly enough, this topic came up a couple of weeks ago here. I hadn't really seen it done prior:

    WW... But it Goes to 11! Drillium (millium) Show Yer Stuff

    Quite the art form actually. Risky, and potentially expensive, but an art nonetheless.

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    Thank you phlegm,

    That is what is was thinking but maybe not quite to that level!!! Some of that is beautiful and some is down right ugly! (didn't know it had a name)

    I wish I had access to a Bridgeport (end mill) so I could lighten components with a nice clean look/ hide the machining. Repaint it so it is not as noticeable.

    I think I may give a few components a try, photograph and post when I get time. I will just have to try to overcome modifying a perfectly good with the chance of ruining it for a few grams.

    Hollowing out some steel fasteners.... lightening crank arms..... rear derailleur.... just thinking out loud
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    Don't waste your time. Get stronger riding a heavier bike. Reward yourself with a new, lighter one, once your fitness and your own body weight is within acceptable figures.
    "This is a male-dominated forum... there will be lots of Testosterone sword-shaming here" ~ Kenfucius

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    Most guys that are doing that are already on super light parts, just trying to get a few extra grams. I don't think you will cut a significant amount of weight off, while taking the risk of damaging your parts.

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    I have never done it before and my bikes are pretty light but I am finding the time to go pretty crazy drilling to lose bike weight this winter on my snow only bike. I would never attempt to lessen the strength of my summer bikes and their components due to the extreme riding they endure.

    I might consider some parts on my road bike for fun and looks only. It's my heaviest bike and I do not abuse nor sprint race with it. I can drop plenty of weight off but I don't need too. Long consistent hauls on that.

    There is not much weight loss in this process and it does take a lot of time.

    As phlegm says, risky (you should know your strength, components and riding style before attempting this and do it accordingly), expensive (if you get someone else doing it) and art (I think it's the schnizzle and after doing a little of it respect the patience, time and the art it is)

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    I think I will take your guys advice and skip the drilling

    The main thing would be the cassette that I wanted to drill to make it closer to the PG990 or PG980 weight. The spokes are very wide and have plenty of meat that could be removed.
    I couldn't find it in my heart to cut up a brand new part I just purchased.

    If I had access to play on a mill, I might consider it.

    The good thing is even though I added weight to the rear of the bike by going from 8 to 9 speed, I took weight off the front with NOS LX shifters and Avid FR-5 brake levers.

    Thanks for the advice everyone.
    09 Specialized Rockhopper Comp 29er
    16 Rocky Mountain Blizzard -30

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