Watch out for this guy

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  • 06-23-2014
    How miserable must people be to get to so activated over such a trivial thing? I feel sorry for him.
  • 06-23-2014
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    Lord Helmet Man.
  • 06-23-2014
    Let's hope we have no further trouble with this wacko. I'm glad the cops got involved.
    Stand in the center of the circle of shame.
  • 06-23-2014
    Watch out for this guy
    We are the world....we are the children...
  • 07-22-2014
    Medic Zero

    Originally Posted by WestwardHo View Post
    So, the saga continues. I was out walking my dog and ran into our friendly neighborhood bike-shover. This time I got my camera out and started filming him which made him pretty upset. He reads our forums and started calling me "WestwardHo". So, hello sir if you're reading this. I gave him my real name and asked for his which was met with a "f**k you buddy". At that point he called the cops and said that my dog and I were threatening him and going to attack. I just kept filming, letting him get more worked up while I got some shots of his face for the police. At that point he was starting to get pretty upset and one of his off-leash dogs had run off so I decided to head down the trail and call the police myself.

    That made him even more mad for some reason and I got some more video of him telling me to come back to fight I guess? He just kept saying I was a p**sy in different uncreative ways. I met with the Issaquah police down at the bottom of the trail and showed them the video that torpedoed his story. The cops were laughing at the ridiculousness of the guy and I was too honestly. They now have a report on file for this as well. I'm not going to post the video since I'm not a lawyer and not sure if I should but here's a pic that gives you some idea of who to look out for. I don't want to put a pic of his face up because I'm figuring he'll murder the next mountain biker he sees if I do that. At least now you have some idea of what he and his dogs look like. Hopefully the chat with the police will keep him under control for the time being.

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    Is that a pith helmet? If so, that's all you need to know...