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    Topo maps and apps -- getting better every year

    I still can't ride for a few weeks so I've been geeking out with maps. Just wanted to share some trail mapping resources available on the interwebs...

    #1 GeoPDF files of all USGS and most USFS topo quads are downloadable for free. DNR is even starting to post GeoPDF maps for their trail systems.

    #2 Avenza PDF-Maps app uses those topo maps as the basemap for your phone's GPS. So you get much better topo basemaps and no pre-caching or cell service needed.

    More info if you're interested...

    USFS topo maps

    PNW Region 6 maps are here: USDA Forest Service FSGeodata Clearinghouse - Soft Copy Primary Base Series / Regions.

    These have the most up-to-date and most legible USFS trail #s, road #s, gate info, contour labels, etc. They're not full color, so the file size is much smaller and easier to deal with.

    They are only available for USFS lands and in 1:24000 / 7.5 min quad (which is what you want 99% of the time).

    Here's a clip for Ranger Creek & Palisades:

    Topo maps and apps -- getting better every year-ranger2palisadesclip.jpg

    Standard USGS topo maps

    Goto and click Map Locator & Downloader on the right side. It's a little criptic... you need to zoom the map to the area of interest and then click on the map to place a marker. Then click on the marker and itíll show you all the maps that are available.
    Different shapes and sizes from 2014 all the way back to the early 1900s.

    They are full color so the files are huge and that can stress Avenza PDF Maps out a bit on an iPhone. Work better on an iPad. The 1986 7.5 min quads are the standard color topo maps you're probably used to seeing. They show most trails, but road #, trail # and contour labeling is hit or miss.

    Here's a sample -- same clip:

    Topo maps and apps -- getting better every year-ranger2palisadesusgsclip.jpg

    And here's one DNR posted for Cap Forest.

    Evergreen can create GeoPDFs now as well. I've started doing them for local spots like Tiger, Tokuls, Duthie, Swan Creek, etc.

    Hope you're riding or building today

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    Awesome, thanks for sharing Mike. I'm off the bike for 5 more months myself, so this will definitely be a nice biking related diversion to fill the time.

    '12 RM Slayer70, i9 Torch, Flow EX, XT Brakes, 5050 s3.

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