We've all been enjoying the hero fast frozen dirt for the last couple weeks but that came to end today. All that frozen dry dirt is melting up at Tokul(maybe other places too?) and was very slick riding this morning. We ended cutting short our normal ride because we didnt want to do more harm to the trails. Didn't matter if it was a new built trail or a decades old trail...all were slick or had big pockets of slick. All the cold developed a fair amount of hoar frost underneath what we all thought was hero dirt. Some of that's starting to melt and with the predicted monsoons heading our way this week, the trail conditions are only going to get worse before they get better.
My suggestion for the next week or so...go skiing or boarding, study up on animal paw prints, enjoy some awesome curling... :-)
But I'd suggest staying off Tokul trails to let them melt and get gully washed by the rains.
I'll just be doing some drainage clearing this next week and taking care of the log on Jerry Springer. Appreciate you all spreading my suggestion to other riders that may not see this message directly.