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    It handled my uber-Clyde weight (more than Mikey) on the bike on Tuesday as I hammered over it in the downhill direction. It does have a broken board on the wider uphill side but I think it is the second or third one up and it didn't seem to make any difference on a 29er.

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    TK- East RR - death by thorns on LF

    Got it...leave it.
    nSteele and I took care of Flowtron and Last Frontier. Flowtron presented quite the challenge in working a weed whacker on the steep loose trail. Last Frontier will no longer slash you to death but am guessing it'll need another trim this winter. Today's effort was enough to got the first layer off.

    nSteele...thanks again for all your hard work. Much appreciate it.

    Now we just need that rain they been promising and those trails will be suuuuper fast.


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    TK- East RR - death by thorns on LF

    Super dry, clear cut trails + hurricane-force leaf blower = world's largest dust cloud!
    --- reportedly visible from the International Space Station.

    On the plus side, all the marbles are gone now too- super buff trails ready for Strava records tomorrow if it rains tonight

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    And....It IS raining! This weekend should be great in the open trails...

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    Thanks guys for taking care of the thorns and brush!
    I support Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance!

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