Rode the north section of the Tarbell trail in SW Washington on Sunday and the conditions were very good overall. A little chopped up by horses towards the bottom but still ridable. No downed trees. Came across about a dozen hikers and one horse and rider. No other bikes.

Parked at the horse camp and pedaled up the gravel Road 1200 about 5 miles to the Grouse Vista parking and trailhead area. The trailhead is on the left as you enter the parking area. This section of the Tarbell trail is more cross country oriented while the south section is more downhill oriented. The loop from the horse camp is around 19 miles and took me 3 hours including rest breaks.

I've ridden this trail several times and have done both directions. Leaving from the horse camp riding up the trail to Grouse Vista and riding up the gravel road like I did today. I think the trail flows better taking the trail from Grouse Vista back to the horse camp. The downhill sections through the 2006 or 2007 clear cut area and the last mile or two through the horse chop are much more enjoyable in this direction.

Today I used my full suspension 29er which easily handled everything. In the past I've ridden this trail with a 26er hard tail singlspeed and hard tail geared bikes both with 80mm forks and they handled the trail just fine.