Has anyone ridden the Smith Creek loop this year? How are conditions? A friend wants to ride the loop in a couple days, not sure what to advise. Mostly want to know if Smith Creek section is good, sounds like Ape-Windy is good.

My weekend, what I know...
Saturday, I finished clearing downed trees from the Lower Smith Creek trailhead to the base of the abandoned jeep trail. There were around 5 trees in the way. From there, I worked my way up the jeep trail to the point where David Anderson and I cleared two weeks earlier, reference Smith Creek work party 6-23-2012. The jeep trail is entirely rideable without stopping, although we left one obvious headhunter for sport.

Sunday, I rode Ape Canyon, but stopped at the snow. Trail is in great shape up till that point! I ran into two guys about to start the epic around noon, hope they did well, but was not sure if they were committed to it as I think they were considering option of turning back at Windy Ridge if they felt it wise at the time.