On a recent work trip I had a free evening to ride in the town of Whitehorse. Rented a bike from one of the local shops and rode right from town. The Grey Mtn trail system has some very fine trails. I put in a good 3+hr ride and got a chance to do the loop that included the Yukon River Trail. Fast, fun, and picturesque.

I'd love the opportunity to get back up there and do some more riding at Grey Mtn then several days in Carcross. The pics I've seen of the trails in Carcross on Montana Mtn look outstanding and worthy of a trip themselves. If you like to travel to ride put Whitehorse on your To-Do List.

Here are some pics from a mtbr poster. He was nice enough to recommend the shop I rented from as well as the loop I ended up riding. For those of you who know Lee & Sharon they also wrote a trip report and put it up on here as well as nsmb.com.
Yukon riding pics 2012