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    Lynnwood area trails

    How's it going? I am entertaining a job offer in the Lynnwood area and was curious what the local mountain biking scene is like? I did a search on and didnt find much.

    Are there any trails within a 30 minute drive that could be ridden after work? If so what are they like mileage wise, elevation gain, technical or not?

    Also, if I were to accept the position and didn't live in Lynnwood, could you guys suggest a nice area to move to? I'd be coming from Boulder, CO so I like the small city thats still close to Seattle atmosphere if possible. I've only visited Seattle once and we stayed with family in West Seattle near Alki beach so I've never actually been North of the city.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I live in Lynnwood. Grew up in an isolated small town which Lynnwood is definitely not. It is part of vast Seattle metropolitan expanse. There are pockets of towns nearby where you will get a sense of community for example the Edmonds bowl area. It's got a small town feel to it and a lot to offer as far as eating/drinking establishments and small shops.

    As far as mtn biking options I regularly ride after work at Japanese Gulch, St.Edwards St. Pk., & Paradise Valley. All three are between 15-20 minutes drive time for me. Look up these areas on the local mtb club's trailguide All pages (Trail namespace) - Evergreen Trail Guide

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    You'll certainly not get the small town feel from Lynnwood. Think of strip malls and chain stores every other block for miles on end....

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    Agree that Lynnwood does not have a small town feel. I just moved from West Seattle to north Kirkland a month ago, and I am now a 5 min bike ride to St Edwards/Finn Hill. If you are going to work in Lynnwood i would suggest looking into somewhere around St Eds to live. Not sure if you'll get the small town feel anywhere but downtown Kirkland is cool. Also not a bad drive to Duthie Hill when there is no traffic. Just throwing it out there. I have also heard that Japanese Gulch is good, that is probably the closest to Lynnwood itself. Good luck!

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    Lynnwood area trails

    As someone else mention above, Paradise conservation area is about 20 minutes away. It's my favorite place to ride within 20-30 minutes of Lynnwood where I also work. There are some more technical trails, nothing to difficult though. The elevation gain there is minimal as with most of the trails within 20-30 minutes of lynnwood. You can easily do 10 miles there without covering the same trail.

    Ed's is about 20 minutes via back roads which is nice, but the trails can be pretty busy with walkers and joggers. Elevation gain is also pretty minimal. It is pretty easy to get 10 miles in at Eds though, plenty of trails for a few hour ride. It's also connected to Big Finn park which is currently being made more moutain bike friendly. During the winter (pending on your work hours) it can be pretty hard to get from lynnwood to somewhere to ride in daylight.

    If I were moving to the area and looking for somewhere to live I'd check out Kirkland, Bothell, Kenmore, and Woodinville.

    Also, if you expand your drive time, there are quite a few great places to ride within about 45minutes to an hour and a half. Evergreen mountain bike alliance has a great map that shows the trails throughout the area. Tiger, duthie, anacortes forest lands, grand ridge, Galbraith.....

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    I'd pick a place to live as close as possible to where you are working. Traffic is horrible. The 10-15 min extra drive to go ride your bike on weekends pales in comparison to sitting in traffic to get to and from work everyday.

    Or course, being riding distance from St Eds would be epic. I'm in Lynnwood, and it's a 15 min drive for me.

    Or get the best of both worlds, and live and work close to the Burke Gilman trail.
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