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    I just wanna ride my bike
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    Has anyone ridden Lower Mad River recently? I understand via the Ranger station that it's clear of blowdown but firsthand knowledge is always better :-)

    And anyone know the status of Minnow Ridge between Goose Creek and Chikamin Creek?


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    talked to some east siders at MIller last week and they had ridden the main Chikamin loop and said it was good. NOt sure without looking at my maps how that ties into Goose Creek and Chikamin Creek I never have committed that loop (alder ridge etc) to memory.

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    I rode the Minnow Ridge/Chikamin Creek loop yesterday and the trail was overall in great condition. One smallish downed tree over the lower part of Chikamin but will probably be back tomorrow with a chainsaw to cut it out.

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    I rode up FS6210 to top, down chikamin tie and down chikamin creek last weekend. The road had a tree over it about a mile from the end. It was high enough to ride under, but a car with bike on top or tall truck might not make it underneath. That will be a challenging clear for the sawyers.
    Chikamin tie had a few snow patches up top and a few blowdowns, but rode well overall. Chikamin creek was a blast and only one blowdown in the lower dusty section (as mentioned above). The snow on Chikamin tie may be melted out by now.

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