Howdy all, I know some of you are aware of the Tanner Jeans
Memorial Foundation and what they do. Tanner Jeans was a 1st
grader that was tragically hit and killed by a vehicle while riding
his bike in the Snoqualmie Ridge neighborhood 3 years ago.

The Tanner Jeans Memorial Foundation along with Snoqualmie Police
Department will be hosting the 3rd annual Tanner Jeans Bike Rodeo on
Saturday, June 23rd from 11-3. This bike rodeo will teach bicycle
safety for kids of any age and will be held at Cascade View
Elementary on Snoqualmie Ridge.

I am looking for a few volunteers to help out with the bicycle safety
check part of this event. You would be amazed at how many kids
bikes had loose wheels, headsets, handle bars and low tires in the
past years. We check those and fix those items and anything more
than that we direct them to see there local bike shop.

If you are available to help on Saturday June 23rd at any time from
11-3 please contact me directly.

Thank you

Justin Rose
206 755-5203