Hey guys!

I get to head back up your way and get some relief from the Arizona heat. I'm probably gonna take another visit to Stevens Pass on Friday to enjoy some more of that goodness. I think they have two new trails since my trip last August. Hoping my body will perform better this time! If anyone is heading up on Friday and wants help with gas let me know!

Anyway... I'm bringing the Mrs with me so we want to do some hiking as well as generally exploring Seattle from the Tue to Thu. She's got a friend living there so Friday I'm gonna ride and she's gonna stay the rest of the weekend with her friend while I'm working Ironman Lake Stevens.

So, I know it's a tad off topic for a MTB forum but I figured we all kinda enjoy the same things, right?

We'd like to see and hike something around Rainier.

And, we'd also like to have a nice day trip in the city to do whatever happens there. Probably visit the Needle. Don't know what else...

Thoughts on what we could do in Seattle and around Rainier to give us a feel of Seattle?