Rode up from the GnR lot after a few laps showing my cousin from the 'ham around Doofie this morning. (Hero dirt everywhere...) Horribly packed though and maybe 35 cars on Trossachs road and only 7-8 in the school lot with us just 200 yards farther up. Grrrr.... Right up the SVT through the 356th lot (full) and up to the top. Only saw 2 guy new to the are on the way up and gave directions. Across GS. Yeah, the "Mirkwood" section is stull pretty dank but drying up nicely. The rest needs a shave but is in really good shape. Will be up with the weed whacker soon. Nice to see its getting a lot of traffic. Ran into a slightly lost Christy and Woody at the west end of GS and paused at the gnome on our way down a Bon Bon/Bon House/Steakhouse/Middle/Bobsled run to the bottom. (In great shape BTW...) GS will be getting a creek crossing bridge soon as well and the West side will have some schwanky new signage as well.