The big job remaining at Duthie is to continue monsoon-proofing and bomb-proofing the XC trails... all through the winter and spring. Goal is to minimize long-term ongoing maintenance.

From now through the holidays, we'll be working at Duthie only when weather (rain/snow) kicks us out of Tiger. Then after the holidays, we'll post a formal January work party schedule.

We're also looking for Duthie riders who want to help out by doing independent trail work on your own schedule. Contact Mike at mwestra@ evergreemtb-dot-org if you're interested. Much of the work is pretty straightforward -- to be done in 2 steps:

1) Drainage. We'll stay off the tread and just improve the drainage... more, bigger, wider, longer and deeper... bring the drains to daylight wherever we can. Transplant all around. Trails will remain open as we work.

2) Tread Improvements. Once all the drainage is in, we'll close the trails one at a time and make tread improvements where necessary. Raise low spots, add grade reversals, improve berms, improve scuppers, armor the tread in a few spots and make a few small route adjustments.

FYI, "Daylighting" a drain means extending it at a gradual downhill grade that is less than the grade of the hill so the water eventually sheds naturally across the forest floor / duff layer. Same concept as Daylighting (streams) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia or Daylighting gutter drains away from a house:

Where the trail goes through flat terrain (big sections of Bootcamp and StepItUp), this obviously isn't possible so we'll drain into a shallow sump and transplant with salmonberry and ferns.