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    Demo event at Duthie

    Just went through Duthie on my way to and from Grand Ridge. Salsa has a demo event going on in the Duthie clearing today. Is there a place where events such as this are posted? On days when I've got nothing better to do, I'm all over riding the newest bikes the manufacturers have. Beats yard work. I know next weekend is a big event at Duthie including demos, but seems like there are demo events out there on occasion that I only know about if I happen to stumble upon them.

    As an aside, that east end descent to I90 on the Grand Ridge trail is a raging speed scrubing root dodging rock bouncing sliding air catching tight turning piece of mountain biking goodness. I always grin the entire way down that hill.

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    Nice to see you haven't let that broken arm slow you down with the root dodging and rock bouncing!
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