Been a while since I was last out there so I went out to survey the DNR work today and give an update. Most of the trails could use a late summer pick me up. Walking down one side and back up the other with a machete or folding saw getting the ferns. There is a tree down on No Road that can get cleaned up with a hand saw as well as a small one on Funner. No recent horse or moto traffic of note. You can tell a horse went up Cyclops though. Did some brushing on the middle of Elevator. Everything could use a leaf rake pass. It's pretty obvious the trails are not getting a lot of use and there is plenty of twig debris on the trail beds.

The DNR culvert removal we pretty interesting. Looks like most will be ridable with some angled in and out benches.

The road to trail conversion out the falls is growing in nicely and seems more fun and interesting now. The lower trail needs some brushing but was mostly ridable as well. Not much water going over the falls as expected. Still nice and cool there though. 3.5 hours of riding and didn't do anything twice.

LOTS of hikers heading out to the falls and back. There were 7 cars at the TH when I got back. No other bikers.

I wonder now that this is DNR property and part of the Marckworth, maybe we can get Evergreen to propose it going "official"?