I wanted to post it here to help spread the word. The trail builders of "360 Trails", located just outside of Gig Harbor on the Key Pennisula, are doing a 4 hour race on November 2nd to raise money for trail building. Some of you who are racers may have done the Budu race back in Feb/March out there. The builders have put a lot of hard work in the area and have built up several miles more of trails with a lot of great features (banks, swoops, rolling downhills, fun obstacles). The 4 hour race (solo or teams) is a fundraiser to buy supplies to continue to expand and enhance the network of trails being built. A flyer for 360 Trails "Shake and Bake" (and registration) can be found at: Key Pen Parks - Key Peninsula Parks WA. The Key to your Next Adventure! If you can't make it, definitely pass the info along to someone who you think would be interested. For those that are up near Seattle, a long fun days ride with friends is to head south and hit the new Tacoma trails at Swan Creek, then cross the bridge and hit the 360 Trails by Gig Harbor and if you want more, hit Banner Forest too. It's worth the drive south!