President Obama has nominated REI's CEO to be Interior Secretary. This gives mountain bikers a rare opportunity.

There'll be a Senate committee hearing to confirm her appointment. Witnesses will be testifying. One of them should be a mountain biker who will talk about the mountain bike bans in national parks, in Wilderness, ...on National Scenic Trails such as the Pacific Crest Trail.

Rarely does such an opportunity arise to make these points before a national audience, and before senators who probably don't know about all of the no-bicycles policies.

If anyone can possibly do this, you'd be a hero! He/she might contact the Senate Committee on Natural Resources to ask to be a witness:

Contact - U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources

Please urge that the Dept. of the Interior ease up on its numerous mtb restrictions, i.e., in national parks and in Wilderness.

While the IMBA will certainly weigh in on Jewell's nomination, it would be up to an individual mountain biker to bring up something as controversial as bicycle access to trails in existing Wilderness, including Wilderness portions of the national parks. The national parks are about 50% Wilderness as an overlap to their national park status. IMBA isn't advocating that level of access. This is a difficult issue, but my guess is that the average senator has no idea how restrictive the National Park System is with regard to bicycles... which is very.

I'm in California... I can't make the trip. Hopefully someone read this will know the perfect person. Thanks!