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    Sep 2013
    Im heading to Bryce mt this sat, anyone from northern md/pa going?

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    Aug 2012
    Name: Mikey B
    Live: Charlerston, WV
    Usually riding: Cannondale Caffeine HT
    Trails most likely to see me: All over KSF (particularly MR and Bollard)
    Other people from this board I ride with regularly (> 2X/month): Trying to find people to add to this list
    Pic: barboursville park, wv

    Roll call, y'all!-bvillest.jpg

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    Jun 2014
    Name: Will
    Location: Alexandria, VA
    Find me at: Fountainhead, Lorton, New River Gorge
    Riding: 2014 Kona Precept DL

    I'm up to ride anything-I enjoy grinding out big hills and doing technical rides as well as fast, easier singletrack.

    See you on the trails!

    Roll call, y'all!-10339572_10152465996767679_7674287776549896103_n.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by WillN View Post
    As a climber I'm always on the lookout for rides near Fayetteville WV, Red River Gorge in KY. Hope to check out Douthat in the near future.

    See you on the trails!]

    Kanawha State Forest trails are some of the best in WV. Not far off your path if climbing around Fayettville. Should swing by and crank out some miles sometime.

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    Nov 2008
    Name: Mike Labuda
    Location: Bethesda, VA
    Find me at: Fountainhead, Shaeffer's Farm, Gambrill/Watershed
    Riding: 2014 Yeti SB-75 & Chumba HX-1

    I rode BMX growing up and learned my way around a bike hanging out @ the LBS anytime i wasn't in school. I did some occasional BMX regional racing, but spent most of of the time riding dirt/jump tracks and vert ramps. I picked up my first HT (Diamondback Assent EX, still have the frame set up as a single-speed) in 89-90 and rode HT rigs up until 2013 when I bought my Yeti.

    I prefer fast and flowy to grinding out climbs, but like variety. I definitely have an appreciation for technical sections and features, like the stuff in the newly re-designed Black Loop @ FH - challenging, but very fun!

    I'm usually solo, so if any of y'all see me on the trail, please say hi!

    Roll call, y'all!-photo.jpg
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    Apr 2012
    Name: Jeff
    Live: Alexandria, VA
    Usually riding: Surly Karate Monkey (no suspension - recent upgrade from my 1989 Bridgestone MB-1)
    Trails most likely to see me: Fountainhead, Meadowood, Laurel Hill and Wakefield.
    Other people I ride with regularly: My 13-year-old son
    Pic: So you'll recognize me if you come upon me on the trails -- Be Careful Passing!
    Roll call, y'all!-turtle.jpg

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    Jul 2014
    Name: Ting
    Live In: Ellicott City, MD
    Usually riding: Trek Cali
    Trails most likely to see me: Patapsco
    Other people from this board I ride with regularly: Searching.... I'm really new to mountain biking, just bought first bike several weeks ago, if anyone biking in Patapsco and willing to ride with beginner, please let me know
    Pic: Nothing yet...

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    Jul 2009
    Name: Jared
    Live: Annandale, Va (very close to Wakefield)
    Usually riding:Novara 26er, Niner EMD next week
    Trails most likely to see me: Wakefield
    Other people from this board I ride with regularly: Looking to meet folks and ride!
    Pic: Coming Soon

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    Jul 2014
    Name: Roger
    Location: Germantown
    Current Ride: In the market, Looking at a 2013 GT Zaskar Sport (I'm open to your thoughts on that), cant afford a full suspension yet.
    Trails Likely to See Me: Just found the Shaeffer Farm Trails, but hoping to branch out and meet some guys and girls.
    [B] Ride with:[B] I ride alone down here cause i haven't met anyone yet other then guys I work with.
    My Story: I just moved down here less then a year ago to take a FF job with the county. My wife lives in NY for at least another year in nursing school. Started Mtn biking in NY years ago, but was never really up and current on the technology and lingo. Did a lot of trail riding there and looking for the same stuff here. I work 9 days a month so I'm always down to go riding. Hit me up.

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    Aug 2014
    Name: Stuart
    Location: Vienna
    Current rig: 1998, yes, 1998 Stumpjumper Comp, which is an upgrade from my old Bridgestone MB-3
    Trails Likely to See Me: Fountainhead G-Blu Loop
    OPFTBIRWR: Nobody
    My Story: Been in the area for 15 years and just got back into mtb'ing after a 20 year haitus. Used to ride the fast fire trails of East Bay of Northern California. Still learning about 29ers, tubless tires, and all the new stuff. Can't get used to the fact that my '98 SJ is a "vintage" bike. Lol!

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    Sep 2009

    New guy arriving soon

    Moving to the DC/NOVA area in a few weeks.
    Looking forward to meeting up with some new folks and exploring new trails.

    Pic from today's ride...
    Roll call, y'all!-10694434_10152639195585932_6032543847200446804_o.jpg

    See ya soon...
    I just wanna ride....

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