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    Pump tracks in NOVA (near Wakefield)?

    Used to live near Wakefield Park, and will be back in town this spring for a few weeks. I was wondering if there were pump tracks nearby, or just where in NOVA they were generally. I'm a total beginner on the pump track stuff, so anything will do. Appreciate any help finding one in advance!

    Also - might there be one at Fountainhead? That's a bit more of a haul for me, but totally doable.

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    The only pump track in NoVA is at the Freedom Center out in Leesburg, but I'm not sure of when it opens/closes for the public. Unless someone has a private track in VA, all the rest are in MD.

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    495 Jumps are on the right about a mile north of Wakefield off the CCT just past an open field on the right.

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    Go ride Meadowood Recreation Area in Lorton; its like 15 minutes away from Wakefield. Maybe 20. Anyway, it has skills trail about half way round the main loop that is very much like a pumptrack with jumps, tabletops and berms. I haven't been out there in a couple months; I imagine its pretty muddy right now. Might want to wait until things dry out.
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