• 11-10-2012
    Help a MTB Brother out if you can
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    There is a ride and benefit being put on for one of my riding buddies Sunday. He has 3 types of blood cancer that will require him to have a bone marrow transport. If you have a little extra, think about helping these folks out by sponsoring one of the riders. Donations can be made per mile of rider or as a firm amount. Thanks to any that donate

    More info here
    Pedalogy: "The Kilmer Challenge Ride" benefiting The David Kilmer Cancer Fund

    David is one of my heroes Ė in a time when there donít seem to be that many candidates that hold up under scrutiny. He is 60 years old, rides hard core back country / cross country stuff, while battling cancer.

    David riding in the Jefferson National Forest

    Maxiumus Horsetrailius - YouTube

    The Crew, David in white shirt, Dufus here in blue, with two of David's best riding buddies

    More info
    'Amazing' people aid man battling cancer - Roanoke.com

    "The Kilmer Challenge Ride" benefiting The David Kilmer Cancer Fund | Facebook
  • 11-14-2012
    Some pictures from our Kilmer ride

    Up Boblettes Gap

    Down Hammond Holler

    Regrouping at the FS road

    Glenwood Horse Trail

    A little gravel thrown in

    Regrouping at the top of the climb,

    Mineshaft section of GHT

    About 25 miles, 4100 feet of climbing
    Crew of 11

    Post ride campfire with Kilmer
  • 11-16-2012
    was just looking at the maps debating whether to go explore this area soon...
  • 11-16-2012
    tic tac
    Looks awesome,
    Thanks for the pics
  • 11-17-2012
    Great place for exploring Jen. Tic Tac, not too much different than some of the WV stuff we have ridden, just drier.