I was in Farmville visiting my parents, and got to ride the new singletrack at the High Bridge State Park rails-to-trails park for the first time. I enjoyed them very much.

There are two trails here. Earley Trail is a 1.5 mile beginner green-circle rated trail. In my opinion it is the most scenic of the two trails, passing high above the railbed where it cuts through a hill.

You are apparently allowed to ride this trail in either direction. The blue blazes marking the trail are visible only when riding clockwise, entering the trail as per the signs. However, the trail is easy to follow. Ride it in the marked direction first and you will have no problems.

The other trail is Burnside Technical Trail, a 2.8 mile black-diamond rated trail. This is a very fun trail with lots of rollers and creek crossings. It starts out fairly easy. But don't worry, it gets progressively more challenging as you progress. As per the signage, this trail may be ridden CCW only.

Both trails are well-maintained and were in perfect condition when I was there, in spite of recent rains.

These trails are well-worth checking out if you are in the area.

You have to ride on the rail trail to get to these singletrack trails. The trail is about halfway between Farmville, and the River Road parking lot which serves High Bridge proper. It costs $3/weekdays & $4/weekends to park at River Road, and it can get crowded on weekends. I recommend parking in Farmville. You can park free in a large municipal lot that is adjacent to the rail trail where it crosses N Main Street. Turn onto Depot St. to get to parking.

Ride 1.7 miles on the rail trail northeast out from town. Both singletrack trailheads are 1.7 miles from Farmville on the left, clearly marked. After riding the singletrack, continue another 2.7 miles on the railbed and check out High Bridge. If you see a ranger, let him him know you enjoyed the mountain bike trails.

Thanks to our own Sofakinold for making these trails possible.