• 11-20-2012
    Current status of Carvins Cove trails?
    I rode at the Cove last Thanksgiving weekend and am looking forward to going again this year. I have searched the Cove Info thread some and it seems the most recent updates there are from 3/12. I have also visited the Roanoke IMBA site and downloaded the updated map. I haven't found any trail status information and I've seen some chatter about outrageous boggy conditions in a few locations on the lower trails. I remember getting pretty muddy and having to hike-a-bike through muck last time, and I wonder if it's worse now?

    I'd be grateful for any updates on the trails including things to avoid if they exist. I'm an intermediate/advanced rider by self-proclamation I suppose. Recently rode the Southern Traverse and some trails at Douthat SP if that gives any indication of ability and stamina. I was definitely off the bike and pushing on parts of both, but I like all sorts of terrain and challenges.

    Thanks for any updated info.
  • 11-20-2012
    Here's a CC post that's just a few days old.


    Looks dry, and I don't believe that area has gotten much if any rain over the last week.
  • 11-20-2012
    I rode there last night and the trails were good with only a few small muddy spots.
    The trail maintenence volunteers have transformed a lot of the old muddy areas and creek crossings with rock armoring. The weather is supposed to be awesome on Thursday as well. Enjoy
  • 11-20-2012
    I rode all the lowers today. The trails are in great shape. There are a few very small mud holes, but they are easy to wheelie over or go around. The giant mud sinks from last year have been reworked and rocked over. They are a breeze to go over now.

    All the leaves that were down from the big storm have either been ridden clear or blown clear for the most part. Everything is easily ride-able.

    The guys doing the trial work there are doing an amazing job. Every hat I own off to them.
  • 11-26-2012
    Upper trails are in really good shape too. Cove is the best I've seen in a while.