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    Conditions at White Clay

    Can anybody tell me what conditions are like at White Clay this week?

    We rode Harmony Hill and Marsh Creek State Park (Pennsylvania) today and they're drying out nicely but still soft in places. We're thinking of heading to WC Wednesday morning but know that folks there are particular about the trails (that's why they're so nice). Thinking another 36 hours of dry should have them in good shape. Reasonable? Is there another forum I could check (tried but their forum is dead).


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    Wondering the same myself. With the cold front moving in the ground should be frozen either way.

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    With lows in the 20s Tuesday night and highs in the low 30s Wednesday, you should be fine. Thanks for asking!

    FYI: The Trailspinners Group on Facebook is much more active than the forums at

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    I rode on Saturday before Sundays rain and the ground was soft (and slow) but mostly okay on the Middle Run side of things. Over in WCC the conditions were a bit worse, especially the fields. The open fields on the WCC side were pretty bad in places.

    I've had better luck at Middle Run in general this winter, so I'd recommend starting there, you can ride over to WCC if you feel so inclined and if it sucks you can ride back to Middle Run.

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    WC/Middle Run were in excellent shape this morning, even the open fields were not muddy. Then the rain came around 11 so that was that.

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    FYI from park website:
    White Clay Creek State Park

    Please Note: Hunting starts this weekend.
    The following trails will be closed to the public from January 17 - 24 during shotgun deer hunting season:
    Twin Valley Trail (Carpenter) east of Arc Corner Monument and Wells Lane
    Bryans Field Trail (Possum Hill)
    Mountain Bike Skills Trail (Possum Hill)
    Charles Bailey Trail (Preserve) between Thompson Station Road and the Delaware / Pennsylvania state line
    Cart Road Trail (Preserve)
    Boundary Line Trail (Preserve) between Cart Road and Corner Ketch Road
    If you have any further questions, please call the Park Office 302-368-6900 weekdays between 9 am and 3 pm.

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