• 03-24-2013
    Who knows anything about MTM bikes?
    just got a MTM Glacier XT 6000, Tange MTB db tubing and a full Deore II group. Can't find a thing online about them. Only others I've seen have been right here in town... Helena, MT. The one I have, plus two others called "beartooth". Seemingly quality bikes from the 1990ish era... rigid, steel. Love some info. Names are Montana names... glacier, beartooth. wondering if it's a montana bike. Nothing distinguisihing about them really... they blend in to the throngs of production bikes with geometry and paint jobs. Curious that there's nothing out there about them.
  • 03-26-2013
    LBS owner in the biz for a long time says they were a late 80s house brand for Bob Ward's sports stores which are a regional in the Pacific NW and Montana. Sounds like they got into it at an early peak in mtn bike popularity, but weren't very well prepared to sell or service them. Didn't last long, but said owner says he serviced a fair number of them, likely a mass market Taiwan source, fairly well spec'd kinda like mine here. Interesting stuff.