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    What length forks to use on my Supergo Access?

    I am not sure this really belongs in the vintage area but it is an older frame. I saw this frame on Craigs list for $20 and figured for that price I couldn’t pass it up. The paint was preatty ratty so I stripped it down to the bare aluminum. Before I stripped it the frame said “Supergo Access Alu” and was painted red. I figure it is a little bit old because it is V brake only. Anyway I am trying to figure out what length forks it is meant to use. I would imagine either 80mm or 100mm. Does anyone know what size it is built for?

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    Definitely too new for most folks around here.

    My gut says stick with 100 or less and it'll be okay. Might be choppery at 100 if it's built for 80, but acceptably so. Best choice? Run short travel, like 80 and call it a day....
    This is a Pugs not some carbon wannabee pretzel wagon!!

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