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Thread: VRC Cardboard?

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    VRC Cardboard?

    Picked this up today...thought you guys might appreciate it:

    yes, there was a frozen fork in it too, lol.


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    Nice. I had a box just like that for a bit (1 1/4" Mani 1 inside), packing slip and all. Cool to see those old packing clips and cod's.

    Wanted: 400mm American Classic seatpost, 26.8 & 27.2

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    Nice find. Boots on it means someone played with it.
    Sold a bunch of those, seemed like a production line at one point. Does anyone remember drilling the fork legs to "improve" performance on these things?

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    Acquired one of those recently too, though not as "clean" as yours. The elastomers liquified, leaked and re-hardened leaving a sticky blue goo in the box and on the manual. I hate the chore of cleaning them out.

    Nearly finished cleaning up my pre-Answer Mani Ones, though. Ready for new elastomers, reassembly and installation on a proper vintage steed.

    Wanted: Might be done for a little while...
    LOL - yeah, right ...

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    looking for 20-21" P team

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    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails VRC Cardboard?-imgp0531.jpg  

    VRC Cardboard?-imgp0532.jpg  

    VRC Cardboard?-imgp0533.jpg  

    Zip ties? Not on my bike!

    650B rims 80's vintage 32 or 36
    Salsa or similar stem. 1" threadless. 120 with rise.

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