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    haha. Small world. Has the southern accent faded yet?? PM sent your way.

    Ron, more pics please!!

    I recognize that one of Tomac on the road. Was that in a magazine? Is that a local race?
    Thanks for helping ID the riders in the photos. I'll update the webpage today.
    The photo of Tomac was from the Willow Creek Road Race in San Diego County on March 20, 1988. Not too many spectators, kind of out in the boonies. The photo may have been in a magazine, I can't recall. I think I did post it here in the John Tomac thread. I think he was getting in shape to head over to Europe and ride for 7-11.
    I'm working my way through boxes of old photos, don't know what I'll find. Back in those days, I was primarily a surf photographer and involved with mountain biking and snowboarding, sports were in the very beginning of becoming the popular sports we know today. Remember, back in those days, to shoot 36 color photos on Kodachrome cost about $15, not cheap when you aren't getting paid. That's why there are black and white photos; ran out of Kodachrome and shot in black and white which I could develop free at the local community college. I wrote an article for VeloNews with photos for the Sagebrush Safari and some of the mountain bike racing photos were in NORBA News, the newspaper you got as a NORBA member.
    I worked with Mike Casinelli handing out free samples for Powerbar, so we went to a lot of events. We gave boxes of bars to the athletes we knew, we got to know quite a few of them! Terry Martin, who was in charge of the SoCal region for Powerbar, was quite an athlete himself, was in tune with these "new" sports like mountain biking and triathlon, sent us to small events that would soon become large events and helped Powerbar become the biggest player in the energy bar market.

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    Just went back through these photos and it was fully awesome. Worth a thread bump!
    Wanted: NDS Suntour XC Pro Microdrive 175mm Crank Arm.

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