Alright all you pretty buoys n gulls over here in the vintage section....
Below is a thread I'm chiming in on , but wanted ya'll to know we'll be looking to incorporate a bunch of you posers into next yrs event:

Wife wants to move to San Francisco.

Giro di Pacifica,June 29th Adds Mt Bike Short+Long Loops

Some single-track,mostly double-track, up to 2000 ft el gain per extended loop and great vistas above Devils Slide(now closed to auto traffic=quiet) to San Francisco in the north,and Half Moon Bay to the south,Mt Diablo to the east+beyond
Make a short story long,
These currently unincorporated sm county lands we are holding this event on are in flux, w county-state+national parks eyeballing for inclusion in their various holdings within northern san mateo county.
We MB riders over this way have devoted our efforts to ensure that mt bike riding,horseback riding+dog walking are first+foremost the primary activities on these properties and when whichever governing agency scoops it up, will be made keenly aware of this shared use trails legacy.
Holding this MB event, which is a first for the PARCA group, is a huge coup for us riders in that we plan on showcasing that Mt Biking is a legitimate recreational endeavor(hard to imagine, but yes, those that don't pedal can be painfully ignant of what constitutes enjoyable MB riding).
This event is an organized ride, with flex start times and is not a race in that we have organized it for sheer fun for all that choose to attend.
btw, next year there may be a MB rider w dog offering, and, if those over in the vintage mt bike riders forum can take their eyes off each others 20+yr old mt bikes for a split second or two, a vintage mt bike category to participate in.

=Carl Hungus;10394804]This event looks interesting. What are the trails like?[/QUOTE]