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    Tax Refund - Spending it on any VRC related items?

    Not me. I got some new surprise bills to pay for but hopefully somebody has a windfall and will get something VRC related.

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    I just choose to live my life in guilt and shame with all the nickle and diming my vrc hobby subjects me to. I battle that by promising i'll be better next time and refusing to budget for anything in the future...

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    gobsmacked Moderator
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    I always think of "Tax Refund" as a play on words.

    Is it almost the middle of April already?

    Dang, time to sell some vintage parts!
    Seek: Koski Trailmaster. Breezer Series 2 or 3. Cunningham Racer.

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    True that!
    Somec is like the digital Zunow
    And this:

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    Single, no dependents, wrong tax bracket= .gov wants more cash so please buy my crap on ebay.
    Ripping trails and tipping ales

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    one chain loop
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    tax refund, oxymoron.
    everything sucks but my vacuum cleaner.

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    I'd put mine towards the right Team Blizzard or Climbmax/Romax, but - even in Canada - they just never seem to come up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vader View Post
    Single, no dependents, wrong tax bracket= .gov wants more cash so please buy my crap on ebay.
    The new Coconino wouldn't have anything to do with that would it Vader?

    Mine is going towards medical bills and an insulin pump for my 6 yr old daughter, but I am getting new tires for my 29er. Not VRC but bike stuff nonetheless.


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    Refund? I get to pay the IRS this month, put down a university housing deposit for my daughter and buy a new transmission for my wife's SUV.

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    My uh, refund, simply pays forward to next years tax bill.

    Don't ever see it, don't feel the pain.....

    That said, such wise decisions allow for wild abandon when the right thing wanders into the wrong place!
    This is a Pugs not some carbon wannabee pretzel wagon!!

    - FrostyStruthers

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    Team Brooklyn
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    Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot, tax refund ... All we have are eyewitness accounts often by those with double digit serum alcohol levels and grainy pictures sometimes with Ed McMahon's picture and a phrase like "You might already be a winner"
    Wanted: more of the same ... but different

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    No VRC for me, new roof for the house, oh and an On-One Scandal 29er frame.
    WTB: Bontrager Comp Fork & Syncros metal top cap

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    SS in CO
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    just new cables and housings for the Norco. perhaps a can of spray paint?

    are you a bike shop owner? or a custom builder? I want to talk to you about your website

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    Strip mined a bashed up MB 1... And bills.

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    Had enough to get a few wheels built up that I'd been puting off forever, and a few odds and ends. Nothing really note worthy.
    Need: McMahon brake for roller cam mounts, Mountain Goat fork.

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    The opposite. We are turning our garage into another house - big $$$ and I'm having to make alternative arrangements for my bike stuff.

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    no tax refund for me since i can remember. i did buy a bontrager race lite last december that i havent personally seen yet. i may be picking it up in norcal this weekend or first week of may. cant wait.

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    I saw the elusive tax refund this year. Picked up a '96 Scott Pro Racing CST with a cracked frame. Left brake stay/seat tube junction developed a crack at the weld.
    Notable parts:
    CBR RSR cranks, Shimano XTR m900 front and rear derailleurs and canti brakes. Judy XC fork, X-ray shifters and those funky Odyssey Paralevers.

    May get the frame repaired, otherwise transfer the parts over to my DBR Axis TT frame.

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