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    Rapidfire shifter schematic? Anyone?

    My Deore Lx ST-M560 Rapidfire Plus shifter (rear 7 spd) stopped working. Rather than do what you are supposed to and wash it out with WD-40 and then shoot in lube, I took it apart without pictures (assuming that if I got into trouble I could look at the front to figure it out).

    Sadly, it is not working when I get it back together and I suspect I messed up.

    Does anyone have a link to a schematic? Know how to get it back together properly? Have a good alternative?

    Thanks in advance.

    I only found this link but all models are different:
    Shimano Deore DX Repair

    And, humorously, Sheldon Brown even weighs in and says don't take it apart.... Shimano Lx (7-speed) Shifters' Maintenance [Archive] - Bike Forums

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    You should try your hand at stripping down and reassembling some mechanical wristwatches first. Once you've got those down you should be able to do Rapidfire units easily.

    All kidding aside, I've never seen a good outcome from disassembly. Boeshield T-9 is my preferred lube for shifter pods ... and by the time you NEED it, it barely works. The things are meant to be replaced.

    (I'm sure someone will chime in and say "I rebuild those all the time!".)
    Don't call it a gooseneck.

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    I rebuild those all the time!!!

    Technology dragass

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    Hate to tell you, wombatus... but that LX shifter is toast. There are springs loaded up against small cast pins inside the shifter, and once those pins break or if the springs are torqued the wrong way, the shifter won't operate. Shimano intent was always to replace the shifter pod; never to repair it.

    You've only now just reached the point that many older bike mechanics reached 25 years ago, when 1G Rapidfire shifters would go south sitting on the showroom floor. The remedy then was the same as today; toss the old shifters/ brake levers in the garbage can and go for either thumb shifters, Grip Shift or RF+ pods, with a separate set of brake levers.

    Good Luck!

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    Depending upon the model, you may be able to dremel off the shift-pod mount and salvage the brake levers. I've done this a number of times, it's always a feel good moment.

    It's usually two small cuts, a little bit of quick file work to smooth the rough edge, and for extra credit a little bit of touch-up paint.
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    Good opportunity to upgrade your shifters.

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    Hey, thanks all. Sounds bleak but time to face the music....I will get a new rear shifter.

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    There is a guy from Hungary that is selling NOS LX M560 shifter/brake for the right side/rear on ebay.

    I picked up one for a replacement when my LX 560 7 speed goes down.

    I just started mountain biking in July. I've been road biking since the 80s... still riding the road bikes I bought in the 80's so I don't have a problem with only 7 speeds. A neighbor gave me a 3x7 1993 GT.


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    Hello. Here I am re-opening this old thread.
    I have the same problem as the original poster wombatus
    I disassembled an ST--M560 right shifter 7 sp., (not took into account Sheldon Brown's warnings LOL).
    Now I have the right shifter partially into parts, and cannot find the right order the pieces go into the assembly.
    Hopefuly the crank group is in one piece, I have not taken it apart.
    So now I have the following pieces:
    - Plastic Housing
    - rackets assembly
    - lower plate lever
    - upper plate lever
    - a hat shaped bushing
    - a flat une turn spring
    - a flat two urns spring
    - a fastening nut
    - a shaped washer

    My doubt is how to mount the springs and plates-levers.
    Anyone know the order they go into the central screw?

    Thanks you in advance

    Fernando (Uruguay)Rapidfire shifter schematic? Anyone?-img_2292.jpg

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